Kayak Fishing The Ultimate Guide 2nd Edn. (Book)

Heliconia Press

$25.00 $35.95

Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide 2nd Edn Paperback edition by Scott Null

With stunning new photography and contributions from 20 influential kayak angling pros, this edition provides new kayak anglers with a solid foundation of skills and concepts for a safe and comfortable entry into the sport. Experienced kayak anglers will benefit from a wealth of tips, tricks, and advanced kayak fishing techniques.

It helps you learn about: the necessary equipment; the fundamentals of kayak fishing; the essential strokes and paddling techniques; bait and lure fishing from a kayak; fly fishing from a kayak; fighting and landing fish from a kayak; freshwater kayak fishing; saltwater kayak fishing; and, kayak fishing safety.

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